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克里斯汀 柯若勒

Christian Caujolle

評論家 / 作家 / 獨立策展人

Critic / Writer / Independent Curator



克里斯汀 柯若勒,生於1953年2月26日。柯若勒曾就讀於the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Saint Cloud,曾是米歇爾·傅柯、羅蘭·巴特、皮耶·布迪厄等人的學生也有過一起合作的經歷。在《解放日報》擔任攝影評委及編輯後,他於1986年創辦了攝影師事務所VU'Agency,接著於1998年創立了同名畫廊。


柯若勒於1997年起擔任過Rencontres d'Arles的藝術總監、許多國際評委及World Press Photo的總監。先後出版了Bernard Faucon, William Klein, Anders Petersen, Isabel Muñoz, Christer Strömholm, Peter Beard等人的相關書籍、the collective Tendance Floue, Juan Manuel Castro Prieto和 the photographic collection of Marin Kartmitz…等。他也在阿克特·蘇德發表了兩篇《Circonstances Particulières》的文章。


目前任教於法國國立高等路易盧米耶學院,同時也是多項策展項目的獨立策展人及擔任2008年創立於柬埔寨的Photo Phnom Penh festival總監。自Festival Images Singulières創立以來,他也全權負責了活動的動畫。從2013至2015年間,柯若勒也擔任Getxophoto festival的藝術總監,該藝術節在一個靠近畢爾包的西班牙巴斯克自治區內舉行。

自2016年起擔任瑞典Landskrona Photo Festival的藝術總監。2012年為國家歷史文物中心的Monuments and Imaginary season擔任藝術總監,前後舉辦了約20多位資深及年輕的當代藝術家展覽。從2013年開始,柯若勒在位於巴黎市中心的La Samaritaine百貨公司大樓裡策劃展出一系列資深、新銳及國際知名藝術家的重要攝影作品。


2018年在國家攝影中心和國立網球場現代美術館的支持下,柯若勒和策展人Mathilde Falguière在都爾共同舉辦《Daniel Boudinet, The time of color》展覽和另一場於瑞典Landskrona Museum展出的當代智利攝影展,攝影師Rodrigo Gomez Rovira也參與其中。他也定期為Italian weekly Internazionale撰稿編年史和作品集以及各種國際出版物。除了定期會在研討會上講授外,自2013年開始,柯若勒也開始在Editions André Frère中的“Just Between Us”製作一系列的攝影師訪談。


Born February 26, 1953.

Former student of the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Saint Cloud.

Student and collaborator of Michel Foucault, Roland Barthes, Pierre Bourdieu. After being critic and editor in charge of photography in the daily Libération, he created in 1986 the  VU ‘ Agency , photographer’s, agency,  then in 1998, the gallery of the same name.

Artistic director of the Rencontres d'Arles in 1997, member of many international juries, including President for Worlpress Photo, he published, among others, books on Bernard Faucon, William Klein, Anders Petersen, Isabel Muñoz, Christer Strömholm, Peter Beard, the collective Tendance Floue, Juan Manuel Castro Prieto, the photographic collection of Marin Kartmitz. He published at Actes Sud two texts of texts "Circonstances Particulières".

He currently teaches at the Ecole Nationale Superieure Louis Lumiere, writes, is an independent curator for numerous exhibitions and director of the Photo Phnom Penh festival that he created in 2008 in Cambodia. He has collaborated regularly, since its creation, in the programming, the carte blanche and the animation of the Festival Images Singulières in Sète, France. From 2013 to 2015, he has been the artistic director of the Getxophoto festival, which features presentations in the public area near Bilbao in Spain's Basque country.

Since 2016, artistic director of Landskrona Photo Festival in Sweden.

In 2012, Artistic Director of the Monuments and Imaginary season for the Center des Monuments Nationaux, he organized some twenty exhibitions of recognized and young contemporary artists in various historical buildings throughout France.

From  2013 he builds an important collection of photographs , assigning photographers, emergent and very well internationally recognized, on he big project of La Samaritaine building, in the center of Paris.

In 2018, co-curator, with Mathilde Falguière, of the exhibition "Daniel Boudinet, The time of color", presented at the Château de Tours under the auspices of the National Center of Photography, Jeu de Paume and, at the Landskrona Museum (Sweden) an exhibition dedicated to contemporary Chilean photography with Rodrigo Gomez Rovira. Both are accompanied by important catalogs.

Regular contributor to the Italian weekly Internazionale - chronicle and portfolios - as well as various international publications, he teaches regularly in workshops and, since 2013, began a collection of interviews with photographers, "Just Between Us" at Editions André Frère .

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