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Kim Jeong Eun


Director of THE REFERENCE SEOUL / Founding Publisher of IANNBOOKS 




自2007年開始,金正恩是IANN亞洲當代藝術雜誌的主編,同時也是IANNBOOKS的創辦人。為了促進當代藝術的交流及活絡亞洲藝術市場的文化網路,她於2018年創立並推出了一個新媒體平台名為THE REFERENCE,同時也聯合創辦了一個以編輯為主要的非營利性國際組織 – UNIT CIRCLES,旨在加強藝術書市場在亞洲的網絡。作為DAEGU PHOTO BIENNALE 2012的主任召集人和2010年SEOUL PHOTO FESTIVAL的策展人,她積極且大量參與攝影領域的相關策展活動。為了將亞洲當代攝影推向國際,她也持續發表許多藝術創作及出版攝影書籍。同時,金正恩也一直參與韓國徠卡、LG電子、HDC I-Park Mall等公司委託的合作藝術項目。


Jeong Eun Kim is editor-in-chief of IANN, the contemporary art magazine in Asia and founder of IANNBOOKS starting in 2007. In order to exchange contemporary arts and to activate a networking community among the countries of Asia, she opened a publishing-new media platform called THE REFERENCE launched in 2018 and also co-founded UNIT CIRCLE, a non-profit international group centered around editors to enhance the Asain art-book network. Serving as the chief coordinator of DAEGU PHOTO BIENNALE 2012 and curator of SEOUL PHOTO FESTIVAL 2010, she has been widely involved in curatorial activities within the field of photography. In an effort to introduce the contemporary photography scene of Asia, she continues to publish numerous art and photo books. Meanwhile, Kim has been engaging in collaborative art projects commissioned by commercial corporations such as Leica Korea, LG electronics, HDC I-Park Mall and so on. 

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