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攝影家藝廊總監 / 資深攝影家

Founder of Photographers’ Gallery / Senior Photographer


北島敬三,生於1954年的日本長野,現居日本東京。他在1975年參加了一間在東京的攝影寫真學校,成為森山大道門下的學員之一。隔年,他與森山大道和其他人一起創建了CAMP畫廊。 北島敬三於1979年展出了《Photo Express Tokyo No.1  -  No。12》的系列作品,這是他在CAMP最早的代表作品。從70年代末到80年代間,北島拍攝了世界各地的許多城市,從他在街頭抓拍人們的鏡頭當中,可以感受到他身為攝影師的熱忱,也獲得了廣泛的好評。


北島的早期作品,包括《Koza 1975-1980》、《Tokyo 1979》、《New York 1981-1982》和《Eastern Europe 1983-1984》,他的攝影書《A.D. 1991》更讓北島的攝影事業上達到巔峰。但在他拍攝了一系列關於紀錄蘇聯解體的作品《U.S.S.R. 1991》後,其作品風格開始有了極度的轉變。由1992年開始,北島拍攝其兩個系列的作品《Places》(現名為《UNTITLED RECORDS》)及《Portrait》,在《Places》中,他使用相機紀錄日常東京新宿的空景。在《PORTRAITS》中,北島邀請固定的拍攝對象每年至他的工作室進行多年的肖像攝影。他於2001年在東京創立了Photographers’ Gallery。北島的作品《UNTITLE RECORDS”的系列》目前正在展出中,其攝影書也正同步出版。



Keizo Kitajima was born in Nagano, Japan, in 1954. He Lives and works in Tokyo. In 1975, he participated in Daido Moriyama’s class at the Workshop, a photography school in Tokyo. In the next year, he created the gallery CAMP with Moriyama and others. In 1979, Kitajima exhibited a series "Photo Express Tokyo No. 1 - No. 12", the earliest representative work at CAMP. From the late 1970s through the 1980s, Kitajima photographed many cities around the world, and his snapshot photography, which is filled with the photographer’s enthusiasm for capturing people the streets, obtained wide critical acclaim.


Kitajima’s early works, including ‘Koza 1975-1980’, ‘Tokyo 1979’, ‘New York 1981-1982’ and ‘Eastern Europe 1983-1984’, reached its sophisticated culmination with his photobook A. D. 1991. But, after ‘U.S.S.R. 1991’ in which Kitajima photographed people of the Soviet Union right before its collapse in frontal poses regardless of whether the model is on the street or in the room, he drastically changed his approach, abandoning the snapshot aesthetics. Since 1992, Kitajima has been on-going two series simultaneously: One being the series entitled ‘PLACES’ (now “UNTITLED RECORDS”)in which he uses a view camera to capture urban landscapes such as those in Shinjuku, Tokyo, for example where few people are visible in the pictures. The other is the series entitled ‘PORTRAITS’ in which he photographs frontal portraits of the same people in his studio over years. He has exhibited and published extensively throughout his career. In 2001, he founded the Photographers’ Gallery in Tokyo. Currently, he exhibits a series called "UNTITLE RECORDS" continuously and at the same time publishes photo books.


He recieved the Photographic Society of Japan Award of Newcomer  (1981), the 8th Kimura Ihei Award(1983), the 32nd INA Nobuo Award (2007), Photographic Society of Japan Awards for Lifetime Achievement Award (2009), the 26th Higashikawa Award for Domestic Photographer (2010), and The Sagamihara Photo Awards (2012).

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