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LEE Gwen

新加坡攝影藝術機構DECK總監 / 新加坡國際攝影節總監

Director of DECK / Director of Singapore International Photography Festival



在博物館行業工作了6年之後,李錦麗回歸最初喜愛的攝影。 她於2008年先後成立了2902畫廊及新加坡國際攝影節(SIPF),SIPF是一個提供國際攝影平台的雙年展。 由於李錦麗對藝術界的貢獻,2010年她獲得了日本工商會頒發的藝術獎。2013年,她受新加坡歌德學院的邀請去德國參加了一個策展研究。 2012年SIPF獲得種子基金,致力推動攝影教育。抱持著對攝影在藝術發展的熱衷,她和她的團隊創辦了一個獨立的藝術空間“DECK”,為攝影師提供全年度的活動和駐村計畫。 2015年,DECK因其在振興城市藝術空間方面的創新設計而榮獲2015年度總統設計獎(新加坡)。 DECK為三個新加坡視覺藝術空間之一,於2016年獲得國家藝術委員會的資助,以提升其組織的發展能力和攝影相關計劃。


她的策展項目包括新加坡國家博物館的We Defining Stories、DECK的 After Becker(2014)、Flux Reality:新加坡藝術科學博物館的中國當代攝影(2014)、Daido Moriyama:1960- 1980年代的版畫和書籍,以 Steidl Publishing 101 Photobook展覽 – Steidl Publishing(2016)。李錦麗也舉辦過許多專業攝影職涯發展相關的講座,並持續於亞洲及歐洲的Portfolio Review相關活動中擔任專家及評委。


After 6 years in the museum industry, Lee went on to pursue her first love for photography. In 2008, she established 2902 Gallery, and followed by the Singapore International Photography Festival (SIPF), a biennale international photography platform. In 2010, she received an arts award from Japan Chamber of Commerce & Trade for her contribution to the arts community. In 2013 she is invited on a curatorial trip in Germany organised by Goethe Institut Singapore. In 2012, SIPF received seed grant to establish the photography education for public. With passion to do more for the community, Gwen and her team built an independent container art space “DECK” with all year-­‐round programme and residency for photographers. In 2015, DECK is awarded President’s Design Award 2015 (Singapore) for its innovative design in revitalising urban space for the arts. In 2016, DECK is one of the 3 visual arts space in Singapore to receive National Arts Council Major Company Grant to develop its organisation ability and photography programme. Her curatorial projects includes We Defining Stories at National Museum of Singapore, After Becker at DECK (2014),Flux Reality: Contemporary Photography from China at Art Science Museum Singapore (2014), Daido Moriyama: Prints and Books 1960s-­‐1980s, and Steidl 101 Photobook exhibition with Steidl publishing (2016). Lee has given lecture on professional development for photographers, and participates as jury for competition, and portfolio reviewer in Asia and Europe.

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