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ONISHI Hiroshi

藝術書出版社Case Publishing創辦人 / 攝影書店Shashasha創辦人

Founder of Case Publishing & Shashasha



繼金融界的事業和成立投資公司之後,Onishi於2008年推出了藝術雜誌《文章》。2012年,Onishi創辦了shashasha,一家專注於日本和亞洲攝影集的網路書店。 2015年,他創立了Case Publishing。 基於「書籍本身就是一種表達形式」的原則,大西正在積極追求以書為媒介的新可能性。


Following a career in the financial world and the foundation of an investment company, Onishi launched the art magazine Article in 2008. In 2012, Onishi started shashasha, an online bookshop focused on Japanese and Asian photobooks. In 2015, he founded Case Publishing. Based on the principle that “books themselves are a form of expression”, Onishi is actively pursuing new possibilities of the book as a medium.

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