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關次 和子



Curator, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography




關次從多摩美術大學美術系畢業後,自1993年起至今擔任東京都寫真美術館之策展人。她擅長於日本攝影研究以及自然攝影史,並已企劃過以下攝影展覽,包含「黒部と槍 冠松次郎と穂苅三寿雄」(2014)、「今森光彦 昆虫4億年の旅」(2008年)、「中村征夫 海中2万7千時間の旅」(2007年)、「ナチュラリスト・田淵行男の世界」(2005年)。曾擔任「2015年野生動物攝影師大賽」之評審(自然歷史博物館,倫敦)。於2016年,擔任第五屆「新加坡國際攝影節」之評審。


Sekiji has been a curator of Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography since 1993, following her graduation from the Tama University of Arts. Her speciality is the research of Japanese photography and the history of nature photography, and she has worked on the following photographic exhibitions: Valleys and Peaks: Kanmuri Matsujiro and Hokari Misuo (2014); Imamori Mitsuhiko Exhibition Insects: On the Move for 400 Million Years (2008); Nakamura Ikuo Photographic Exhibition: 27,000 Hours Under The Sea (2007); and Natural Enchantments: The World of Tabuchi Yukio (2005). She was in charge of the jury of Wildlife Photographers of the Year 2015(Natural History Museum, London), jury of the 5th Singapore International Photography Festival (2016).

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