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Portfolio Review

Portfolio Review

Photo ONE will take place on April 26th through 28th at Taipei Artist Village. The international reviewer team for Photo ONE- Portfolio Review consists critics, scholars, curators, photographers, researchers and publishers from France, China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore. We are very welcome the creators who are interested in becoming professional photographers to take your constructive works and participate in this programme.

DATE:4/26-4/27, 2019
​(Two days)

VENUE:Recreation Room, Taipei Artist Village 
(No.7 Beiping East Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei 100, Taiwan)

FEE:4800 NTD (application deadline 3/24 23:59)

EARLY BIRD FEE:3900 NTD, if apply before 3/10.

*The translation fee is not included.

2019 Portfolio Review
Lists of Participants Announced

▎ Eligible Applicants:

林俊耀、邱麗瓔、黃郁修、黃海輝、潘燕楠、邱士博、劉群群、水島貴大、余白、Kris Kang、周志長、郭佩雯、詹鎮豪、陳彥呈、李雅妍、呂潔雯、陳炯詒、何鴻志、顏鵬峻、周芳伃、苗之珊、劉銘、王淳眉、湛文甫、謝振允、潘志豪、張子宜、潘怡帆、Elina Eihmane、王尊、陳建勛、林肇圀、張良一、林軒朗、林麗玉、湯景光、Jan Vranovsky、李俐亞、李毓琪、張譯云、黃冠慈、林彥廷、彭一航、莊坤儒、許韋晨、Yuta Fuchikami、許鎮富、歐家成、許進源、李惠琦、蘇威銘、黃楚涵、王馨儀、張天駿、黃新明、黃佳祥、陳嫚紜、黃煌智、楊育傑、吳文波、黃亦晨、張芮慈、趙湘瑋、黃致鈞、韓志翔、陳啟駿、廖哲毅、廖柏丞、張士飛、林育毅、Billy H.C. Kwok、何兆南、王湘靈、張國耀、蘇厚文

​What is Portfolio Review?

Portfolio review is created for the creators aspire to become professional photographer. The purpose of portfolio review is to provide opportunities for participants to intensively meet with the international reviewer team, which includes professional critics, scholars, curators, photographers, researchers and publishers and present their constructive works. In addition to the feedback exchanging on creative works, through this platform, the attendees will be able to look for the opportunities of exhibit and publication, even the possibility of their works being collected.

To enhance the content of creative works and maintain the quality of the event – Portfolio Review, applicants are required to submit the application and go through selection procedure. In the end of the review, the reviewers will also select a winner for Photo ONE Best Portfolio Review Award and 1-2 winners for Photo ONE Special Jury Award. In addition to the certificate of award and the prize, the winners will be offered an opportunity to hold a solo exhibition in a commercial gallery which will be arranged by the committee. (The relevant details will be negotiated by the winners and the gallery.)

Past Performance

Over the years, we have gathered a considerable amount of domestic and foreign professional photographers to participate in this event, as well as let the outstanding photographic works of domestic photographers be exhibited, published and collected in Singapore International Photography Festival, Auckland festival of photography, Lianzhou Foto festival in China, Lishui Photography Festival in China, Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts in Japan, Japanese Gallery –PLACE M, Japanese publisher- Akakka, and CT: National Geographic Magazine…etc.

錨點 1
Important Notice


In addition to provide personal information in the application, please upload the same series of artwork description and work images (up to 10) for the preliminary review for the committee. The lists of selected applicants and waitlisted applicants will be announced before the end of March. The selection process of this year's Best Portfolio Review Award and Special Jury Award will also be based on the complete work series. (Note: The same work series by the same artist who have won the awards in the past will be excluded from the selection criteria.)



When submit the application, please make sure to fill in the order of reviewers (check the form for reference) who you wish to speak/meet with. To ensure a smooth process of the event, the committee reserves the right of final decision is case of dispute. The date of Portfolio Review is scheduled on Friday, 4/26 and Saturday, 4/27. Participants are required to reserve the time as indicated above. Each participant will be able to speak/meet with five reviewers; each review session will last for 20 minutes.



To facilitate the preparation work of the participant and improve the quality of interpreting and communication, the spoken languages of all the reviewers will be listed. If you need relevant interpreting assistance, please bring your own interpreter.


In order to facilitate the selection process of the Best Portfolio Review Award and the Special Jury Award, participants are requested to complete and turn in a complete submission which includes complete work series, relevant both Chinese/English resumes and artwork descriptions at the designated premises on the following three time slots for getting your submission reviewed by the jury:

Notice: If participant fails to complete the instructions indicated above, it is deemed to have forfeited the eligibility.
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